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Lab Reports
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Math Review
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Basic Motion

Speed vs. Velocity
Kinematic Equations
Two Trains
Car Stopping
Free Fall
Peak Trick
Peak Trick Part 2
Turtle in a Top Hat
Football Punt
Ball Thrown Down Cliff

1 Dimensional Motion

Stone Dropped From Cliff
King Kong Falls
Car Slows With Reaction Time
Car Slows Down
Car Accelerating
Driving Home From School

2 Dimensional Motion

2 Dimensional Motion
Plane Flying Northwest
2 Dimensional Projectiles
Walking on a Ship
Tiger Jump
Driver Jumping Out From a Cliff
Ball Rolls Off Cliff
Ball Rolls Off Cliff 2
Clown off a Cliff
Pumpkin Shot
Baseball Angle Throw
Frog Shot From Cliff
Angled Shot on Level Ground


Newton’s 1st Law
More Force Diagrams
Newton’s 2nd Law
Newton’s 3rd Law
Two Blocks on a Table
Elevator Cable
Elevator Bathroom Scale
Man in an Elevator
Car Slows Down
Bucket Lowered by a Rope
Box Slides to a Stop
Block on a Ramp
Systems of Objects
Pushing 2 Blocks
Pushing 2 Blocks Friction
Three Connected Blocks
More Details on Forces
Block Sliding with Friction
Block Down Ramp with Friction
Block on a Ramp Part 1
Block on a Ramp Part 2
Sled Friction [Request]


What is Energy?
Easy Energy Problems
What is Work?
Work and Power
Newton’s Laws vs. Energy- The Showdown
Hiker, Slide, Book Stack
Rock thrown, Arrow shot
Ball shot from angle off cliff


What is momentum?
Kid on a Boat and Two Box Cars
Two Dimensional Collision
Bullet and Hockey Pucks
KE Distribution

Circular Motion

What is centripetal force

Pressure [Fluids]

Pressure 1
Pressure 2
Pressure 3


Underground Shot and Plank
Specific Heat
Carnot Efficiency


Find Electric Field
Move Charge A to B
Equivalent Resistance
Crazy Circuit


Magnetism 1
Magnetism 2
Magnetism 3
Magnetism 4


Slit Diffraction
Slit Diffraction Part 2

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