Chase Martin teaches high school physics and calculus in Davidson, NC. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from UNC Chapel Hill, where he was known to spend more time tutoring his peers in physics than studying for his own classes.

The motivation to create Physics In Five came when Chase was searching for quality online content to augment his own lessons and finding nothing as clear or concise as he believed it should be. Using a Promethean Activboard, he is able to recreate the classroom experience in short, easy-to-follow videos that won’t waste any of your time.

“It’s a shame that so many people find physics intimidating. I think people would enjoy it more if it were taught by someone who also had to fight to understand it, and didn’t just grasp it instantly.”  -Chase Martin


Chase Martin Juggles

Chase demonstrates his mastery over the laws of physics at a meeting of his local juggling club