Who is Physics In Five for?

Physics In Five will be most beneficial to students in high school or entry-level college physics classes.

Is Physics In Five a full course of study?

Not exactly. The videos here are intended to be a supplement to your regular classes, not a substitute.

Why are some of the videos a little longer than five minutes?

Feel free to stop watching at the 5 minute mark if you want :)

Why should I choose Physics In Five over KhanAcademy?

Good question. While Salman Kahn was certainly the pioneer for online education, his videos lack depth, brevity, and expertise. He also doesn’t know how to use the pause button, so my videos go about 4 times faster than his do. Just watch below and you’ll see the difference.

What if I still don’t understand it after watching the video?

Feel free to post questions below the video, and myself or other members can help you out. We’re in this together! Plus, I’ll be taking requests for the stuff YOU need to learn the most.